Monday 4 May 2020

1997 Seattle

25.1.97 Seattle

In the Art Gallery, drinking poor coffee, about 10.15am.  Not the most exciting of cities, but a lovely situation.  Up at 4.30am this morning, trying to keep some semblance of UK time (which I rejoin tomorrow).  Took the bus to here – very cheap, $1.10 – arrived just after 8am.  Walked and walked.

Pikes Place setting up – stunning fish – few people elsewhere.  Seattle very spacious, with large gaps between the great lumps of skyscrapers.  Everything is on an incline, like San Francisco (a far more characterful city).  The cries of the seagulls echo round the marble. But I remain amazed at how cheap everything is – CDs all £10 or less, food very cheap.  I don't quite understand the economics.

Very interesting going around the Microsoft campus yesterday – utter absence of buzz – confirms my suspicions about the company.  

Hearing classical music and buying the CDs I feel grateful to be a European…  Back in the museum café for lunch.  As you might expect, the collection is interesting for its Native American stuff, and also Asian (though both are limited), and a waste of space for European art (which is fair enough).

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